Science Communication

Because science is more than just papers, communicate and share your science with different audiences in different formats.

Webpage illustrations

A set of 6 images to represent the 6 sections of the BioBanks and collections. Institut Pasteur (2019).

Children Book

I illustrated a children book for a science diffusion project with Actine Sciart and Institut Curie (2018-unpublished). This is a[…]

Logo design

Logo for the group “Molecular basis of altered immune homeostasis”. Institut Imagine, Hôpital Necker. (2019)

Logo design and Poster

Logo and poster for program “porque el sida no da lo mismo”. Universidad Austral de Chile (2019).

Illustration for a Poster

Poster for a viral evolution meeting (2018)

Antiviral immune response SARS-CoV2

Infographic about SARS-CoV2

An infographic we did with ASOCHIN, in which we summarize what we know to date about our immune response against[…]

Illustration showing bubbles and different aspects of the creative development: music, literature, illustration, science, etc

Illustrations for a Website

A set of 4 illustrations for the new site of “Vicerrectoría de Investigación de la Universidad Mayor”

cancer by numbers

Cancer by numbers

Cancer by numbers Cancer is a devastating and high incidence disease with clinical, social and economic consequences. The risk of[…]