About me

My name is Bertsy Goic, I am an illustrator and scientist with more than 15 years of research experience. I’m an engineer in Molecular Biotechnology and I have a PhD in Biotechnology. During the last few years, I have mixed my passion for illustration with my strong scientific background, to communicate science and create awareness on its value. Since 2018, I’m a full time illustrator and science communicator. I have experience illustrating scientific articles, reviews, covers, grant applications, zines and more. I have worked with researchers at the Institut Pasteur (Paris, France), Institut Curie (Paris, France), Institut Pierre-Gilles de Gennes (Paris, France), Institut Imagine (Paris, France), Hôpital Saint Louis (Paris, France), UCSF (California, USA), Universidad Mayor (Santiago, Chile) and Universidad Austral de Chile (Valdivia, Chile), Fundación Ciencia&Vida (Santiago, Chile) among others.

I love challenges and learning new things, so if you have an idea or a project, don’t hesitate!

If you are interested in my scientific background, here are my publications:

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